Fanning the flames of the blog

 Still early days with much content to yet publish and get out there

Updated pkb with a cause and effect diagram trying to make sense of the economic debates / arguments going on between Tory PM canditates. Much for me to learn about economics (and perhaps them) but thinking it would be good visually depict cause and effect chains, not just in a classic fishbone diagram, but some as part of a slice of a knowledge graph. One more to-do for the future

For my bakb site I was, and am, compelled to look at ortho-k, contact lenses and other related myopia management solutions for my teenage son. Figured I would put some entries in there abou that. 

Was in touch with an old colleague who runs a newsletter about my foothold in the world of online knowledge sharing and he sent me a link to Tiago Fortes Second Brain summit in March 2022 and so that's also on my playlist of things to watch in between Netflix episodes